Nationwide Notary Registry


I am interested in being listed in your database. Where do I start?
If you are interested in getting additional online exposure, you may submit your information here. This registry is for state commissioned notaries only.

Can I purchase a higher listing at
At this time we do not offer any higher positions.

How can I contact you?
For the fastest response, we highly recommend using the Contact Form to contact us instead of calling. Inquiries received via the Contact Form will receive top priority from our staff.

How long does it take for my information to appear on the
Your Notary Profile will appear within 24hr. after registration. If you do not see your information after submitting your Notary Profile,
please login here and check if your information is correct. If your information is incorrect, please change it. If your contact information is correct and you still do not see your listing online-
please contact us.

How do I update my information?
To update your Notary profile please
login here and click on Edit Profile tab, make your changes, scroll to the bottom and click the Submit button.

Is my personal information safe?
Yes, it is safe. All the transactions on the registry are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.

How do I remove my profile from your database?
If you are no longer working as a notary and/or would like your listing removed from, please
contact us and we will remove your information from our system within 72 business hr.


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